Denton, Texas is home to a world-class music scene that drew Jake into talent buying while in college at the University of North Texas. Jake's love for the music scene led him to found DentonRadio.com with local musicians Bone Doggie and Pat York. DentonRadio.com is an online radio station exclusively dedicated to Denton music and entertainment. Later, the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau acquired DentonRadio.com (Jake along with it) and now use it as an official music marketing tool for the city of Denton, Texas.

Along with his efforts to promote local music through the radio, Jake continues to book talent for venues. After years of booking talent and promoting shows, Jake began to realize a missing gap. "We would create opportunities for musicians, but they didn't always know how to take advantage of those opportunities. It wasn't their fault, no one was showing them how." So, Jake began his mission of teaching artists about the business of music, and what talent buyers are looking for.

Today, you can still find Jake in Denton, Texas, broadcasting live on-the-glass from the DentonRadio.com studio. When he is not on the radio, he is with his lovely wife Emily and their two dogs Winston and Mylo.