Get The Gig

How do I book more live shows?

You know you have the talent to impress an audience, but find yourself with too few gigs. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what venues are looking for? In Get the Gig, gain step-by-step insight that will greatly increase your number of live shows. In Get the Gig you will learn:


- How to stop "cold calling" and how to network your way in

- The tools every professional musician needs

- Proper email etiquette

- Social media best practices

- How to let a venue know you are a seasoned, professional musician


"If this book inspired you, even in the slightest bit, I want to ask you for a favor. Here is a free download of this book. I would like you to download a copy and give it to someone else. Find someone who is struggling and give them a little inspiration. You never know what it might do." - Jake